Areeya Property

Period: JUL-SEP 18


Areeya Property (PCL.) was founded in 2000 as a company limited to develop the real estate projects by all project operated in the name of ‘Areeya’

Brand Problems & Challenge

- Brand would like to increase the number of walk-to-site, other than the lead generation campaign.
- Only Promotion campaign cannot communicate fully message which brand needs to say
- The brand needs to improve engagement rate on promotion campaign

Solution & Tactics

1. Adap VDO hero to various form to fit with each digital platform and digital users' behavior
2. More educate to prospect target with segmented content under single promotion message
3. Apply retargeting tactics to people who engage in the promotion message with conversion ads




- Achieved +500% Engagement Rate from the previous campaign.
- Overall, CPL decreased by -45%.
- Successfully increase the number of weekly walk-to-site in all projects